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Take a Stand Now Applauds St. Al’s and St. Luke’s Halt on Mandatory Vaccinations

(Meridian, Idaho) Take a Stand Now (TASN) applauded St. Al’s and St. Luke’s decision to temporarily halt mandatory COVID 19 vaccines while the state is under “Crisis Standards of Care” and there appears to be a severe shortage of medical staff for the hospitals.

“While we support the temporary halt to mandatory COVID 19 vaccines for all medical staff at St. Al’s and St. Luke’s we believe they should remove the mandate permanently,” said TASN spokesperson, Victoria Stump.

Stump said it made absolutely no sense medically or logistically to mandate vaccines or fire employees when there is a clear shortage of medical staff for Idaho medical facilities; and the hospitals are hiring traveling nurses not required to have vaccines.

“The Governor has had to call in the national guard to provide additional medical personnel and now the Idaho Medical Reserve Corp is asking anyone, even those with zero medical experience, to volunteer at our hospitals and clinics,” Stump added.

“Adding the traveling nurses without the requirement of vaccines adds insult to injury when it comes to mandates in Idaho,” Stump concluded.

TASN Applauds St. Als Temporary Halt to Mandatory Vaccines[85]
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