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Take a Stand Now Points to Winder’s Big Pharma Contributions Amid Mandatory Vaccines

(Meridian, Idaho) After the Idaho House of Representatives passed a resolution 66-0-4 to ban forced vaccinations, Take a Stand Now points to Big Pharma contributions to Senate Pro Tem Chuck Winder and others as a reason the measure died in the Idaho Senate.

“Members of the Take a Stand Now organization conducted a financial review of donations received from key members of the Idaho Senate. Surprisingly, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Winder received significant campaign contributions from the major pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and many others who stand to financially benefit from peddling vaccines,” spokesperson Victoria Stump said.

“This information is public record on the Idaho Secretary of State website. We encourage other citizens to do their own research of the senators in their district to be informed about contributions to their senate campaigns before they vote next year. We are citizens, we are patients, and we want unbiased protection from our government not influence from special interests’ groups,” Stump added.

TASN Points to Winder's Big Pharma Contributions During Vaccine Mandates (3)
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