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Take a Stand Now Polls Idahoans to Gauge Support on Vaccine Mandates

(Meridian, Idaho) Starting today Take a Stand Now will be polling Idahoans, both health care workers and non-health care workers, to find out the position on mandatory vaccines of an experimental drug.

"Unlike the many legislators who refuse to advocate for their constituents, Take a Stand Now works for the People. We are committed to supporting every employee who feels their rights have been trampled upon. We will continue to provide resources and aid to those affected by these overreaching mandates,” said TASN spokesperson, Victoria Stump.

“We have created a poll to help us gauge interest in certain aspects of vaccine mandates. Please fill out this quick anonymous poll and let your voices be heard in Boise. You can use the QR code link to form below or you can find it on our Facebook page, Take a Stand Now. Please note that your information will remain private to the Take a Stand Now committee. We will not release it to any public or private entity,” Stump added

Link to survey:

Take a Stand Now Polls Idahoans to Gage Support for Mandatory Vaccines
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