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We Need Your Help!

If you haven't heard, the Idaho Legislature is scheduled to reconvene on the 15th of November! While this is something we have been petitioning for, it is certainly not the end of the road for us all. The challenge now is to get the legislators to pass meaningful laws that honor our individual liberties. Below are the action steps we are urging everyone to participate in leading up to the 15th.

1. Contact your Senator and ask them to be there on the 15th-17th.

From what we understand, the Senate is not formally scheduled to be at the Capitol. We need each and every one of our members to ask their Senator to show up for their constituents. They took an oath. Hold them accountable. Please email/call your Senator each day until our freedoms are accounted for. If you don't know who your Senator is, click here. If you have contacted your Senator and want to do more, please feel free to email other Senators outside of your district. Please note that you can't send out mass emails or else it will be considered spam.

2. Schedule time to be at the Capitol for any period of time on the 15th, 16th, & 17th to listen in on the session.

We need to show up in numbers. Please forward this email to at least 10 people and explain to them the importance of showing up at the Capitol on the 15th. Text 10 of your friends. Post on social media for people to come to the Capitol. The time is now to make our presence known to the elected officials. The Legislators need to see the faces of those who's freedom has been compromised. We need the Gallery filled and overflowing into the halls. If you can stay all day, great! If you can stay for a portion of the day, ask a friend/family member/neighbor to take your place.


Our freedoms are at stake. Our medical privacy and autonomy is being compromised. Our ability to make a living is on the line. It only stops when thousands take a stand and say enough is enough. It stops when we refuse to comply. We can't have one foot in and the other out when it comes to our liberty! Stand up, there will be thousands standing with you.

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